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Little Creatures Dining Hall

Another day, another trip to Fitzroy’s Little Creatures. First and foremost, I must confess I love this place, therefore my opinion may be slightly bias. However in saying that, Little Creatures can, and does, stand on its own two feet.

Located on Brunswick Street in Melbourne’s more arto precinct, Little Creatures is effectively a beer hall. Although to say all they do is beer, would be a gross injustice. Whilst yes they are known for there fine selection of beers, Little Creatures also serve up a varied assortment of tasty food, local wine and do a mean coffee, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

This afternoon’s visit saw a Bright Ale ordered upon arrival, which thankfully was delivered with record speed (another benefit of the place) and then consumed with equal vigor.

It was then on to the margherita pizza, served with fresh tomato, basil and provolone. The base is thin and perfectly cooked with the right amount of crunch. The tomato is ripe with a sweetness that is so perfectly balanced with the fresh basil and gooey provolone. Delicious.

The afternoon was topped off with a glass of the new White Rabbit dark ale, from White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville in the Yarra Valley. A subsidiary of Little Creatures.

In total with two beers, a glass of pinot and the pizza, the bill came in at just over $45. Not bad at all. So next time you’re in the area, be sure to check them out. You can also visit them at there website. Enjoy.

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