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Bighead Beer

I must confess I bought this beer to try on one premise and one premise alone. The creepy, big-headed baby in a nappy on the label. Well that and the fact it’s “australia’s First No carb beer” [sic]. After all, I’m a sucker for marketing.

Babies in nappies aside, Bighead is a product of Burleigh Brewing Company, the team behind Duke beers, Burleigh Hefeweizen and of course, Bighead.

Knowing the difficulty in brewing a beer devoid of carbs, yet not alcohol, I was surprised to see this one on the shelf.

It may be devoid of carbohydrates, yet certainly not its flavour. A clean, full-flavoured lager, Bighead delivers a beer that could be drunk well into any night. A little thinner that your average lager, it still manages to deliver some big flavours that other low-carb beers have been unable to achieve.

So next time you’re at the local and looking for something new to try, give Bighead a go. Just do yourself a favour and drink from a glass, the big-headed baby will scare the hell out of you after a few.

Check Bighead out here.




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