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Housed in an amazing 1859-built former Synagogue, Trunk is certainly very pretty to look at. The flowing courtyard – decorated sparsely, yet beautifully – invites people to join the festivities contained within. The ceramic pots, red-brick pavers and trees conjure up images of large Italian families sharing a glass of vino or two over lunch. Salute!

Inside, is less homely and rustic, and more modern inner city chic. With a marble bar, dark timber tables and floors, you could be a world away from the Tuscanesque courtyard that greeted you at the gate. Still, it’s very pretty to look at.

I was in for a weekday lunch, which meant I was dining alongside local suits and the occasional lady enjoying lunch with other ladies. If you get my drift. That aside, I pressed on.

Greeted warmly by a waitress I was directed to my table and handed the necessary menus. I tossed and turned for a little deciding whether to tackle one of the many pizzas, cover myself in white wine and shellfish whilst trying the Spaghettini vongole, or go with the Veal Tortellini en Brodo. The tortellini it was.

My first choice of Gabbiano Chianti was thwarted due to its unavailability by the glass (a pet-hate, if it’s unavailable, tell me when you hand over the wine list) yet I was quickly subdued courtesy of  a lovely ‘Praxis Series’ pinot noir from Moorilla.

With my wine, or should that be whine, in hand it was on to the meal. Beautifully presented, the dish looked like it had been photographed on its way out from the kitchen for Antonio Carluccio’s next offering. Admittedly it won’t be winning any food design awards anytime soon, however let’s be fair, it’s hard to make pasta shaped like testicles served in a brown broth look sexy.

The broth was lovely. Not a blob of fat to be found in it, with great colour and an even better flavour. I honestly could eat the broth alone with a large ciabatta roll. The tortellini was tasty, however not on par with the broth, and a large chunk of gristle in one of the pasta morsels sent me reeling.

Another gripe was the bread served with dish. It really needed some of the fresh ciabatta I mentioned earlier, rather than the toasted offering I was presented with. Coated in oil and then put to work on the griddle, it sadly didn’t give me the porousness required to soak up all that fantastic broth.

So other than a few gripes and pet hates, Trunk proffered up a decent lunch time option. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in that part of the city. You can also view them online here.

Tortellini en Brodo


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