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‘Hef’ Hefeweizen

[tweetmeme] Another day, another hefeweizen tasting, or so it would seem. This time, I’m road-testing Burleigh Brewing Co’s latest offering, Hef. If you’re a regular reader of FoodstuffMelb, you may recall that I previously tasted another offering from the team at BBC, Bighead Beer. Thankfully, Hef’s label isn’t adorned with creepy big-headed babies in nappies, but a rather pleasing and luscious moustache (This is obviously completely my opinion. Most women – including my wife – would probably violently disagree with me here).

Facial hair aside, Hef is a hefeweizen or wheat beer. Out of the bottle, it poured well with a creamy head and a golden/amber hue. The aroma that emanated from the glass as I poured was stunning and begging for me again to shove my ample appendage (yes – I’m referring to my nose) into the fray. Clove-like spice? Banana? Must be a wheat beer…

The flavour profile was also a page out of “Wheat Beer 101”. Fruit driven, full-bodied with a hint of clove. It is rather short on the front palate but lingers toward the back. Delicious. The only downside to Hef is that it’s a limited release brew and thus may not be around for long. Hopefully BBC will see the light and keep this product in their portfolio; he’s a delightful chap.



One thought on “‘Hef’ Hefeweizen

  1. I’m really coming around to wheat beer – was previously not that big a fan. Incidentally, the wheat beer that won me over (from Red Hill Brewery) also had clove and banana notes too!

    Posted by Snarkattack | January 31, 2010, 8:36 pm

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