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Bengal Tiger (Vindaloo Against Violence)

[tweetmeme] Before you jump down my throat, I know, Vindaloo Against Violence was over a week ago, so why haven’t I posted my review of The Bengal Tiger? The answer isn’t shocking or even interesting, so I won’t even bother wasting the key-strokes. What I will deservedly tap away at however, is the review. So without further ado…

I’m a regular patron of The Bengal Tiger, so I thought I knew what I was in for when I walked in the door. That was until I walked into the restaurant from the tiny entrance and saw nearly every table packed with happy punters, most presumably there to celebrate VAV.

Because I’m a regular, I knew this increase in patronage would have an effect on the service, but I didn’t care: I was here to celebrate VAV and all things Indian, so even though we had to wait 45 minutes to get a drink and order, we all had smiles on our faces.

Waiting on the meal gave us a chance to reflect on why we were there and to discuss the impact recent events have had on Melbourne and its image. We barely touched the surface of the issue before we were served our entrées. Seekh kebab and Murgh Tikka were accompanied by Raita and served piping hot from the tandoor. The Murgh Tikka was lovely. Plump chicken thigh, lightly charred with the oven imparting a pleasant smokey flavour into the meat. The Seekh kebab, also served from the tandoor, was juicy with complex spice perfectly complementing a subtle lamb flavour.

With the entrée complete and the plates cleared, it was time to order another Kingfisher and resume our in-depth conversation. I touched on a comment I received in my earlier post on this issue, pleading with me to focus on the facts and not the ‘propaganda’, only then to go on and say, “This is from a country that accepts murdering of Indian woman by their husbands!”. I was starting to wonder firstly, why Pauline Hanson was reading my blog and secondly, why she was going by the name ‘Samantha’? But I digress, on with the rest of the dinner.

The ever apologetic waiter returned – at this stage we had been there for nearly two hours – with our mains. Paneer Pakora, Chicken Tikka Masala and of course, Beef Vindaloo. The chicken was well received, sweet from the capsicum and balanced with a subtle spiciness. The Paneer Pakora was very good. Firm cheese with a rich spicy sauce accompanied by capsicum and onion and topped with generous amounts of coriander. A very tasty dish. And as for the star, the dish that provided the naming right for the entire night? As always, it was spot on. Hot, rich and bursting at the seems with tender, melt-in-your-mouth chunks of beef. My favourite dish of both the night and the restaurant.

So another night at the Bengal Tiger and another enjoyable meal, all for a very worthwhile cause.

The Bengal Tiger
520 City Road, South Melbourne 3205
p: (03) 9699 4791

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