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Bonne Maman – She Sure Is…

[tweetmeme]If you are regular here at FoodstuffMelb you would have read a recent post on one of my life long ambitions. In that post I listed – along with other pursuits that are usually reserved for the blue-rinse brigade – jam-making as one of my ‘must-dos’. A skill that today most people take for granted, and to be honest, I don’t blame them. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to jam selections, notwithstanding Bonne Maman.

I was lucky enough to be sent a number of Bonne Maman samples recently to taste, contemplate and if up to scratch, blog about. But before I get to that, a little about Bonne Maman.

Bonne Maman conserves are made in France where seasonal fruit and all natural ingredients come together in a small 370ml, gingham-capped, French faceted jar. In Australia, Bonne Maman in imported by Minora Foods who bring us other French goodies such as Maille mustard.

So how do the conserves taste I hear you ask? Good question. I thought about all the possibilities – the different ways in which I could prepare and consume. Perhaps an apricot tart? Mixed through some homemade vanilla and strawberry ice-cream? Some sweet pastries? No I’m a sucker for fresh croissants, spread liberally with fruity jam. After a brief trip to Laurent, the croissants were primed, the conserves cracked and the mouth salivating at the spread before me.

I had been blessed with four options: raspberry, strawberry, apricot and blueberry. First mouthful was the raspberry, slight sharpness, plenty of sweetness and a hell of a lot of flavour, the conserve worked well against the buttery pastry. The strawberry was less sweet but with plenty of strawberry goodness; if summer could be bottled, it would probably taste something like this.

Two down, two to go. The apricot was up next and unfortunately was a little disappointing. After the highs of the first two, I was expecting more, however the flavour was a little flat and perhaps affected slightly by some floury fruit. Still tasty, just not on par with the raspberry or strawberry conserves. Last and probably least was the blueberry conserve. Not the best croissant accompaniment, the blueberry conserve would be better served swirled through some thick yoghurt or perhaps combined with some buttermilk, flour and eggs for a delightfully fluffy blueberry pancake.

Bonne Maman conserves can be found at selected independent outlets and retail for $4.99 p/jar.

*All samples were provided free of charge by 360° Focus


4 thoughts on “Bonne Maman – She Sure Is…

  1. Seems like you came to your own balance about reviewing products 🙂

    Posted by Bee | September 15, 2010, 7:07 pm
    • I did, Bee. Thought if the product was worth it and fits within the feel of FoodstuffMelb, then it’s worth reviewing – and it is a good product.

      Thanks for stopping by again.

      Posted by Grant | September 15, 2010, 8:25 pm
  2. I say get jamming yourself Grant! Whilst I agree that there are an increasing range of very good products available for purchase not to mention the fun in scouring the countryside for ‘homemade’ goodies at church fetes the joys of making your own are fab!

    Posted by rumbaba | November 6, 2010, 7:50 am


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