Food is a remarkable thing. I am yet to find another medium as good as food for bringing people together. Whilst some people may view food merely as a necessity, a staple of life, there are those of us who live and breathe it.

When I think back to some of my most treasured memories, both as a child and an adult, food is usually somewhere in the fray. Now, I’m acutely aware that my last sentence may conjure up thoughts of a rather rotund person, gorging themselves on biscuits and cake, using their stomach as a veritable stable table. This isn’t the case sadly, however having a stable table on demand does present many benefits.

My point is, food is more than just something you eat to sustain life, food is life. If this weren’t the case supermarket shelves would be adorned with one type of cereal; packaged in brown cardboard, vegetables would only be sold canned and coffee would be sold pre-ground and freeze-dried! Oh wait…

So enjoy food. Enjoy life. Enjoy FoodstuffMelb.

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