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Bread Making – Life’s Simple Pleasure

[tweetmeme]There are few things more pleasurable and simplistic in life than a large hunk of fresh bread, lightly toasted and served smothered with your favourite spread. This is particularly true if the bread has come to be at your hand; lovingly kneaded, allowed to prove and then baked to perfection. This weekend after battling with … Continue reading

Sunday Simplicity

I love simple food. So when I get the chance, I find it hard to look past a simple open sandwich of fresh crusty ciabatta, cacciatore sausage, plump roma tomatoes and baby basil. Some fresh cracked black pepper and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and you’re away. For me, the perfect Sunday … Continue reading


Housed in an amazing 1859-built former Synagogue, Trunk is certainly very pretty to look at. The flowing courtyard – decorated sparsely, yet beautifully – invites people to join the festivities contained within. The ceramic pots, red-brick pavers and trees conjure up images of large Italian families sharing a glass of vino or two over lunch. … Continue reading

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