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[tweetmeme] I don’t really know what I was thinking before my visit to Livebait. Scepticism was up there, along with a definite low expectation. I mean, Livebait does reside in the Docklands – hardly renowned for its culinary heavyweights. But that aside, every restaurant must be judged on its own merits and not on its … Continue reading

Mess Hall

Rustic timber floorboards, high ceilings, white walls and a homely Italian menu; what’s not to love about the Mess Hall? I have been coming here for a couple of years now and although the menu has hardly changed, the wine list stuck in perpetuity, it offers up a relaxed atmosphere to unwind, eat good food … Continue reading

Inactivity…an apology

Allow me to apologise in advance for a lengthy period of inactivity. Well it’s not really in advance I guess considering my last post was some two weeks ago, but an apology is an apology. I have been busy eating, drinking and enjoying life in general and will endeavour to share some of my experiences … Continue reading

Hispanic Festival 2009

Despite the unseasonal downpour, the heat was certainly on last Saturday as Fitzroy played host to the 2009 Hispanic Fiesta. Officially established in 1978, the Hispanic Fiesta celebrates all things Hispanic and Latin-American. From music to dance, drinks to food, these guys sure know how to celebrate, usually to excess. One thing that is always … Continue reading


I have been meaning to get over to Dalmatino for sometime. In fact, it was Maeve O’Meara and the Food Safari Croatian special that first planted the seed, some time ago now. I remember a key point of interest was the diversity presented in Croatian food. Intense braises and whole roasted poultry in one corner, … Continue reading

Warm Weather Goodness

For some reason or another, warm weather makes me think of fish. Not the act of fishing nor the childrens card game, but specifically eating fish. So when I happened across some lovely looking South Australian King George Whiting at the markets on the weekend, I couldn’t resist. Beautifully plump, clean skinned with a slightly … Continue reading

Sunday Simplicity

I love simple food. So when I get the chance, I find it hard to look past a simple open sandwich of fresh crusty ciabatta, cacciatore sausage, plump roma tomatoes and baby basil. Some fresh cracked black pepper and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and you’re away. For me, the perfect Sunday … Continue reading

Ichi Ni

Obvious puns aside, I have been meaning to get to Ichi Ni for some time. The Japanese pub with food has been recommended with mixed results. Waiting to add my two cents worth, I thought I should stroll on in and give the place the once over. The first thing that struck me about Ichi … Continue reading


I am yet to experience Indonesia in the physical sense however last night my tastebuds were transported there, courtesy of Garamerica. Located in a quiet pocket of South Melbourne, Garamerica sits comfortably between residential and commercial properties on Dorcas Street, just one block back from the usually busy Clarendon Street. As we walked into the … Continue reading

Bopha Devi

It had been a while since I was last in Yarraville. My last visit saw a trip to Ballarat Street’s Café Fidama, a simple yet enjoyable evening from memory. I have only fond memories of the street and suburb so I was quietly chuffed to be returning once again to the small foodie enclave. This … Continue reading

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