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Izakaya Den

[tweetmeme] Izakaya Den is Melbourne’s latest Izakaya offering in what was a busy year for the Japanese pub. The trend also saw the launch of the previously reviewed Ichi Ni, early in 2009, amongst others. For the uninitiated an Izakaya is basically a Japanese tavern where, traditionally men, went to drink sake and beer and … Continue reading


[tweetmeme] I don’t really know what I was thinking before my visit to Livebait. Scepticism was up there, along with a definite low expectation. I mean, Livebait does reside in the Docklands – hardly renowned for its culinary heavyweights. But that aside, every restaurant must be judged on its own merits and not on its … Continue reading

Ichi Ni

Obvious puns aside, I have been meaning to get to Ichi Ni for some time. The Japanese pub with food has been recommended with mixed results. Waiting to add my two cents worth, I thought I should stroll on in and give the place the once over. The first thing that struck me about Ichi … Continue reading

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