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The Joy of Food

This time last year, I welcomed my first child into the world. A lot has changed over the past 12 months. For one, hangovers are different now. Unable to lay in until lunch, wake to a bacon buttie, strong coffee and ultimately more sleep, I’m up to my elbows in parental responsibilities. Dining is different … Continue reading

Still Here

Well another break, and another need to apologise for my lack of activity over recent months. To my loyal reader – I apologise. I continue to eat, drink and engage in much merriment, however my ability to share has been somewhat lacking. Whilst I would love to report that my absence has been at the … Continue reading

Rosa’s Kitchen @ Journal Canteen

[tweetmeme]In a culinary world of lies, where cafés and restaurants try endlessly to offer their patrons food that they believe they want to eat, often without the skills to prepare it, it is refreshing to discover a restaurant that is honest in its approach. Rosa’s Kitchen @ Journal Canteen is one such place, where the … Continue reading

Bread Making – Life’s Simple Pleasure

[tweetmeme]There are few things more pleasurable and simplistic in life than a large hunk of fresh bread, lightly toasted and served smothered with your favourite spread. This is particularly true if the bread has come to be at your hand; lovingly kneaded, allowed to prove and then baked to perfection. This weekend after battling with … Continue reading

To Review or Not To Review?

[tweetmeme]Advertorials, cash-for-comments, those annoying Zoot Review adverts and A Current Affair: clever marketing tactics, or morally reprehensible acts designed to pass paid advertising off as honest comments from individuals in the know? Whilst we may all agree that ACA is morally bankrupt, another issue that offers perhaps more food for thought is this: foodstuff samples … Continue reading

Sausage Making: A Life Long Ambition

[tweetmeme] Everyone has a list. I have one. A list that as of last weekend had another dot-point struck from it with gay abandon. I didn’t finally get to meet life-long idol – little Johnny Howard – with those eyebrows so luscious and full. Nor did I run naked down Bourke Street screaming, “I’m free!”. … Continue reading

T’Gallant – Spuntino Bar

[tweetmeme] Tin shed, rustic timber, produce-rich gardens and set amongst rolling vineyards; it must be T’Gallant. This one-of-a-kind winery, an hour and a half south of Melbourne, is like a little piece of Tuscany in our own backyard. You wont find a multi-million dollar cellar door and winery operation here. The restaurant (La Baracca Trattoria), … Continue reading

Vindaloo Against Violence

[tweetmeme] Melbourne has recently played host to a spate of violent attacks on Indian students, none more shocking than the recent stabbing death of a young Indian man on his way to work. The debate continues to rage as to whether or not these attacks are racially motivated, however racially motivated or not, one thing … Continue reading

Council House 2

[tweetmeme] Nestled back from the hustle of Swanston and Little Collins Streets, you could be forgiven for totally missing Council House 2. Which would be a shame, because they definitely have something you don’t want to miss out on. Although arriving very early on a Thursday evening, I was shocked to find the place almost … Continue reading

Izakaya Den

[tweetmeme] Izakaya Den is Melbourne’s latest Izakaya offering in what was a busy year for the Japanese pub. The trend also saw the launch of the previously reviewed Ichi Ni, early in 2009, amongst others. For the uninitiated an Izakaya is basically a Japanese tavern where, traditionally men, went to drink sake and beer and … Continue reading

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